Monday, November 28, 2011

cyber monday!

I think that everyone knows what is Cyber Monday but in case some of you didn't.. in short: it's a day after Thanksgiving Day.. and it's a day when all internet shops have discounts! I am very thankful for all comments you leave and that you support my works so so much!

Here is something to say thank you!
Just after you order something at my etsy shop - write to in a special coupon code space this: CYBERMONDAY - this is a special coupon code which gaves you 20% off on every product from my shop! Even the smallest Handy Notebooks! :)

And if you want to order outside etsy - just contact me and in the main title of the e-mail please write CYBERMONDAY aswell! :)

How long will the 20% Coupon Code be available?
To Friday! So everyone has some time to think about the purchase!

Ohh and if you have some problems with the coupon code please contact me! I will help :)

Have a nice week! I have to learn - again! o.O


  1. I've asked you earlier about shipping to Sweden, and I'd just like to ask - what do you think the cost would be? Approximately, of course.

  2. Emma - I just checked and shipping to Sweden one notebook A6 - 400 pages costs about $8! :) Just let me know which notebook you would like and I will add a new shipping destination there! :)


Thank you for your comment! <3


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