Thursday, November 17, 2011

notebook 'notebook'

 New notebook! Yay! At last! And as you can see.. it has an ambitious name haha!
It's a bit different that my previous notebooks.. remember the 'Sewer's Journal'? Well, it has very similar pages! Different colour but the same style!
 It looks better in reality, colour of the edges is very very nice.
 The cover imitates a simple school notebook with lines.. 
It looks quite interesting, don't you think?
 Leather strap for closure - 64cm long
 Colour of the pages - as usually - creamy :)
 Oh and I forgot to mention the interior! It's made of a beautiful, 
flowery and super delicate fabric. It looks a bit romantic..?
 And a macro photo to show you the edges.. which of course are aged! :)
Oh and it's a bit thinner that previous ones.. it has 200 pages.. I just thought that not everyone need 400 pages.. Some people rather like few thinner notebooks that one super thick.. :)

Do you like it? Well if yes.. you can find it in my shop already! :)
Ok.. now I have to prepare for some test which I have in few hours!
Eeeek.. wish me luck :)



  1. fantastyczny ten materiał zewnętrzny-sama go robiłaś prawda?super pomysł:]

  2. no to zwykle grube plotno.. i sobie przeszylam niebieska i czerwona niteczka :D
    widzialam takie pseudo kartki w necie gdzies.. to stwierdzilam ze sprobuje zrobic taki notes;p

  3. Superowy!!!! Te twoje notebooki sa niesamowite!!! Pozdrawiam!


  4. GENIALNY!!! Okładka jest NIESAMOWITA!!! Powodzenia na testach! :-)

  5. wiiidzłam ju na pintereście :D spinowałam, poleciłam, bo zacny jest :D jak cała reszta :))

  6. I love it!!! The colored pages are the perfect touch! Did you sew the note book lines on the cover yourself? or is it fabric?

  7. Dziekuje dziewczyny :D Fajnie ze sie podoba! :D

    Charlie - I sewed the note book lines myself!! It's quite easy! :)

  8. Oooh, it's gorgeous!! :) I love the notebook paper cover!

  9. really cool. but I think I would be afraid to write in your notebooks cause they're so beautiful! :D

  10. super okładka! aczkolwiek strony chyba wolę niebarwione :)


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