Monday, October 17, 2011

Sewer's Journal

 After a quite long break.. I'm going back to my lovely handmade notebooks! For the past few months, I made only a few of them, mostly private orders.. And now, the time has come to make some new journals!
This one I strted making about a week ago, but I finished it yesterday evening.. As you can see, pages look different than usually.. well.. it was an experiment! And I quite like the effect.. Inside, the pages are creamy.. but as you can see, when you look at the notebook when it is closed.. you can see a little kinda.. rainbow! :)
 It is really a lot of work with colouring pages.. but i really love doing it :) Such big satisfaction when you finish a product.. and you like it :)
 The interior is made of a super cute fabric I received from Jednoiglec. I wish I had it more! I used the last piece of it for this journal! :)
 Oh.. I didn't mention what is on the front cover.. well as you can see there is a spool.. Super simple pink spool.. I think that this notebook is just perfect for a sewer who usually has ideas at the most inapriopriate places.. and has nothing around to write them down! Well this notebook is A5 - so it will fit every bag.
I still don't know if I want to sell it! Why? Well.. I like it and maybe it will be for my little sewing projects.. ehh don't know. For now, it will stay in my basket, where I keep all journals for sale :)

Ohhh and here something funny.. Last Friday.. I painted a little cloud and some rain on my wall.. It's a simple painting.. but it looks so cute! Haha I love it. Perfect for kid's room.. yes - I'm a 21 year old woman who acts very childish.. but shhhh! Don't tell anyone.. ;p
Hope you liked this post! Can't wait t show you some treasures which I found at a flea market this weekend, and something I received from my fellow blogger. But these posts later this week.. Later!



Cottage Crafts said...

ooo thats so brilliant.. At first I thought the pages were made from fabric.. Now there is an idea!!!.. As a stitcher I would love one with fabric pages to stitch!! :O)

Duś said...

tęczowy notes wymiata

Enthia said...

świetny jest! :D Kurczaczki... nie mogę przestać na niego patrzeć.:D

anita się nudzi said...

ale cudeńko! te kartki zabarwione są cudowne.ja tez mam chmurkę :] kupiłam dzieciakom lampę w kształcie chmury-niedługo prezentacja;]

Drycha said...

haha nie dość, ze masz ten sam kolor ścian, to właśnie zauważyłam, ze tez malowane na tapecie ;p

marysza said...

Drycha - haha noo;d i powiem ci ze bardzo dobrze sie na tej tapecie trzymaja! i przy okazji sciana nie ejst taka.. nudna? bo pelno roznych wzorkow mamy, nie :D?

Anita sie nudzi - oo nie moge sie doczekac az wrzucisz na bloga :D

Enthia - dziekuuuje! :D

I w ogole dziekuje wszystkim:D

Erika said...

Your journal is gorgeous and I like the extra touch with the pages.

I hope you are able to share your post with us at the It’s a Wrap Link Party at Artful Rising.


elpimpi said...

WOW! SUPER! EXTRA wyglądają te tęczowe kartki! Chmurka jest bardzo fajna! Ściana z całą pewnością nie jest nudna! I o to chodzi! :-)

Cassi said...

I love this. The colors are beautiful and the spool is perfect.

storybeader said...

great looking book, and lots of pages! Coming over to visit your shop! {:-Deb

gina said...

oj marzy mi się taki notes :)
cudny jest !!!

i patchwork na łóżku też jest świetny !

pozdrawiam serdecznie :)

KOLOROWY ptak said...

zaszalałaś! a efekt wyszedł Ci fantastyczny! obłędnie wyglądają brzegi stronic!!! cudowna kolorystyka! zdecydowanie częściej powinnaś tak eksperymentować :)

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Your journals are so unique and beautiful! I love the rainbow effect you have on this one!

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