Sunday, October 30, 2011

Autumn Post + New Hip Bag

Autumn is here! Finally real autumn.. full of colours.. and cold air..  I love this time of year.. well as most of you I love it because the beautiful change it makes in forests and parks.. everything is red, brown, orange and yellow.. Beautiful palette!
The most beautiful forest 'near' my home town is in Olkusz.. my boy's home town. We decided to visit this magical world today and make there some photos of my new creation.. which is:

A week ago I sewed a 2in1 type of bag. It is a Hip Bag as you can see below.. The back of it has special straps where you can put your belt. I also sewed a matching belt from canvas, but I wear it usually with my old black belt which I just love.
Except being a Hip Bag it can also be a simple purse to hold in your hands. Quite a nice idea when you want to look maybe more formal. 
 You can pin out whenever you want the big flowery bow on the front flap, or fix another one to fit your clothes.
 The interior is made of a beautiful flowery fabric.. and as you probably noticed, the exterior is made of my favourite stiff canvas. Lovely fabric. It was supposed to be black, but unfortunately I ran out of black fabrics! ;o
 The size of it? Width - 21cm; height - 14cm and depth - 3cm
 Well it's perfect for my extra large wallet, tissue holder, vanity bag and my phone.

 Of course we are not so serious when we try to make photos.. it's actually very hard not to look stupid and make stupid faces! ;o Everything is sooo soooo funny when we try to act serious!
Of course I'm not the only person who acts stupid in this relationship ;d haha!
Ahh.. we made soooo sooo many photos! I wish I could show you all of them! It would be probably very boring.. but I love every single pic from today's little walk!
This forest is so magical! Hmm.. maybe not for all of you.. but for me it is!
And the only thing I really hate about autumn is that it is sooo freaking cold when you take your jacket off! ;o And you can already feel the smell of winter.. :(

Hope your weekend was colorful.. and full of nice surprises!
My A. made me a big&beautiful something.. but I will show you when I will finish it in 100%..


  1. dobrze się wtapiasz w tło :D:D to chyba najładniejsza jesień z dotychczasowych zarejestrowanych przeze mnie w moim krótkim życiu :D:D

  2. very cute outfit and purse :)

  3. I love these photos! The colours are fantastic. .. Autumn is, by far, my favourite season <3

  4. I love how well the colors of your outfit go with the stunning fall location. I love the change of the leaves, even if we don't really get to experience it here in FL.

  5. piękne kolory!
    ale ta torebka no co za słodycz! cudowna!

  6. ojojojojoj! gdzie Ty masz taką kolorową jesień? u mnie choć liści pełno to szaro i buro niestety :( a torebunia jest po prostu cudowna!

  7. świeeetne kolory... u mnie szaro... : <

  8. dziewczyny! u mnie tez szaro bura jesien!! i dlatego wlasnie pojechalam do chlopaka w ten weekend do Olkusza.. tam jesien jest okropnie magiczna.. taka zmiana a to tylko 40km ode mnie :)

    dziekuje za mile komentarze o torebuni :D

  9. genialne zdjęcia! :) musze stwierdzić że rudy to Twój kolor ;D

  10. A swoja droga bardzo miły dzień;*

  11. These are such beautiful photos, I wish that I lived near a forest. The colours of the leaves are beautiful.


  12. PRZECUDNE zdjęcia! REWELACYJNA ta torebka! :-)

  13. That looks so beautiful and vivid! I wish things were that orange here in the States. It's so pretty, and I really liked the photo of the mushroom; I found one the other day I had to capture as well. :) Anyway, I stumbled across your blog and thought it was quite delightful! You have wonderful photos and a wonderful setup! I wouldn't worry about "inspiration." Things will always come when you least expect it. Besides, you ended up with a adorably cutesy picture of a cupcake (which, unfortunately, I cannot eat...)

    Take care!

  14. Great!! Those photos are really beautiful and above lady hair colour is very nice, i like your hair colour. The atmosphere and color of your location is really very suitable. I enjoy your photos with it very well.I like it too much. Thanks for share it.

  15. Strasznie mi się podoba ta torebka z kokardą! Cudna jest!



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