Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Pencil Cases

 Lately I sewed three pencil cases.. one for my lovely client curiously - unfortunately I didn't make any photos.. I forgot!! ;o And one for pasiakowa and one.. just lies around in my handmade treasure chest.. cuz I have no idea what to do with it!

The one you see below is the one which just lies around.. waiting for a new owner;p It was meant to be for pasiakowa, but she didn't like it ;d 
It's quite big - 20x10cm
 The interior fabric is light pink :)
 I really really like this flowery fabric.. beautiful pattern.
 And as usually.. a bit of lace to make it more.. girly;p
 The second pencil case was also for pasiakowa - but this time for real. She picked the fabrics and I just sewed from the project :) The same size as the previous one.
 I hate hidden zippers! Hate hate hate! But in the closest shop I could buy only this one.. ghhrrr.. Oh.. and the interior is light green as you can see :)
I really hope pasiakowa like her new pencil case.. and that she will use it always and everywhere - well, she should! She's an artist! :d 

Yesterday, I started my new academic year.. I hope it will be a really really easy year! I need to sew more.. last year was a bit hard so I didn't really had time for sewing.. I'm again on the first year, cuz I had a chance to go on daily (free!) studies. So half of the subjects will be the same.. Ohh I hope this will be a super easy year! ;p


And again - sorry for bad photos!

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  1. Really love the first pencil case. It's got vintage look and elegance!


  2. both pencil cases are beautifull.... actually I am just looking for sth like that.... check your email;)

  3. Ja Ci wyślę zdjęcia :) Ja teraz ciągle wychodzę wcześnie rano i wracam jak już jest ciemno więc nie mam jak zrobić jakichś sensownych zdjęć, ale jutro mam na 13.00 to zrobię :)

  4. Lovely - they both look so well made! You did an awesome job.

  5. Beautiful, the top one is so vintage and pretty :)

  6. Fajniaste! A wiesz co mi się jeszcze bardzo podoba? Tag/wizytówka Twoja :) superoska!

  7. I love the fabric on that second pencil case :)

  8. mmm co za piękne! uwielbiam ten motyw


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