Sunday, October 09, 2011

Elegant Set

 These wallets are getting a bit boring, don't they? If not.. prepare for two more in few days! ;d This one was the first one I made after a loooong break of sewing wallets. It was a tes if I still remember how to create them.
The purse has the same shape as the previous ones. It has a big white lace on the front.
The wallet is also the same size and shape as the previous ones. The button is very big - and looks a bit like vintage, don't you think?
 The lace has an interesting colour.. light vintage pink :)
 And of course.. a flowery interior! I just can't stop sewing flowery things!
 And on two edges inside the wallet you can see two little white laces :)
The back is plain.. 

If some of you would like me to sew you a set like this - contact me here: I realise special orders with big pleasure (always!). Maybe I will sell some day wallets in my etsy shop.. but actually.. I think that my trademark are mainly notebooks :) Maybe when I will have more free time for sewing.. I will add more things to my shop like wallets, bags, pencil cases, vanity bags.. etc.

Ok.. nevermind! I have to go now.. and wash of hairdye from my hair! ;d
Hope you had a nice weekend! And a quite warm one! Yes.. autumn is here too. And I have to admit it's a bit too cold now! ;o



  1. "I will add more things to my shop like wallets, bags, pencil cases, vanity bags.. etc."
    yes, please! i would love to see more of that stuff in your shop. :) i've been looking for a new wallet for ages ... and now i think i've found the right place to look for it! :)

  2. Swietnie dobrałaś tkaninę, koronkę i guzik na portfel - całość taka stylowa!

  3. I love all the fabric you use, such great color and texture!! If you add these to your shop they will sell for sure! :)


Thank you for your comment! <3


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