Thursday, October 06, 2011

Red&White + Cloudy Wall Painting + A.'s Blog

 New set. It's the third one.. three more left! :)
The same shape as the previous ones.. The vanity bag/purse has two pockets :)
 The wallet has a big black button for closure.
 There are few pockets for business cards etc. and a zippered pocket for pennies.
 And one pocket under the zippered pocket for your paper money.
 The back is plain, without laces etc. I wanted to create a simple waller for a person who likes stripes.. I know that not everyone loves flowers like me.. so I tried to make some other wallets too;p
Oh and I want to show you what I painted on a super old wooden toilet (not used any more) at my A.'s countryside.. He was painting a wall behind me.. so I borrowed his sprays and started my own work hehe;p Here is my work.. I hope it will make people smile when they will walk next to it;p
Haha.. do you like it?? Yes I know that I made clouds.. AGAIN! But I love clouds and rainbows!! Haha and I couldn's resist to paint that.. It's just a fast work.. and I couldn't use much paint.. They are quite expensive.. and I didn't want to empty them;p If you like works made with spray paint.. hop onto my A.'s blog! He just started this blog but I believe he will make a wonderful site with loads of wonderfull stuff! :)


  1. I love your artwork on the wall, it is brilliant! Your wallets are so pretty. Em x

  2. och! moje ulubione pasiaki! że też mam akurat dołek finansowy:/

  3. chyba muszę dłużej u Ciebie posiedzieć, może bym się zmobilizowała w końcu na uszycie piórnika i pokrowca an narzędzia...

  4. clos - co do dolka finansowego, u mnie zamowienia skladasz kiedy ci sie podoba;p to ze akurat uszylam te portfele to nie znaczy ze pozniej nie mozna takich samych zdobyc :D (albo bardzo podobnych) te akurat wszystkie leca do pewnej galerii.. o ktorej wspomne kiedy indziej:D ale dziekuje!! :D

    drycha - siedz siedz, ja lubie jak u mnie siedzisz :D musze ci sie pochwalic ze dzieki tobie wiem co to projekt zeszyt.. i dzieki tobie sie zapisalam na druga edycje!!! :D

  5. Swietny ten portfel, podziwiam precyzje wykonania. A co do malunku na wygódce są mega pozytywne :) tez uwielbiam ten motyw, chmurkowo tęczowo deszczowy :)

  6. O widzę, że dalej sporo szyjesz :) Hmm marzy mi się handy notebook albo raczej coś co mogłoby posłużyć jako szkicownik (w jakieś kocie motywy, czerń i fiolet), ale nie wiem czy realizujesz specjalne zamówienia? :D

  7. czarna-kocurka - oczywiscie ze realizuje prywante zamowienia!!!! nawet bardzo chetnie realizuje specjalne zamowienia!! :D

    antilight - dziekuuuje!

  8. this is my favourite of all your sets :)

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  10. Nice clouds, indeed. I took the easy way and found this painting of clouds by Ferdinand Hoddler, Most popular Artists , while browsing through the big database of digital images of western art at, and ordered it online. They floated an excellent canvas print of the clouds, right through my window to hang on the bedroom wall.


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