Friday, November 25, 2011

the most beautiful watercolour painting

A while ago me and Pasiakowa organised a little swap. Look what I received today! One of the most beautiful watercolour paintings I have ever seen! I love paintings like this one.. so colorful and full of life! I wish I could draw/paint something like this!
Pasiakowa wanted a pencil case from me.. well now I think it is just nothing comparing to this beautiful painting! Oh I love blog swaps so so much ;d
I showed you this pencil case earlier - just wanted to remind you how it looks!

Thank you so sooo much Kinga for creating this amazing watercolour!
Hope we will have more swaps int the future! ;p

Now.. friday evening.. and what am I doing? Learning business english! Uhh..
But I had to sacrifice Friday's evening.. to go on tomorrow's party after my old school's auction! Yay! Can't wait to see all those people I haven't seen for a year or two!



  1. szczęściara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    miłej soboty!!!

  2. oba urocze i piórniczek i obrazek!

  3. obrazek rzeczywiście robi wrażenie:) jest uroczy! a piórniczek równie piękny. pozdrawiam cieplutko

  4. I love the pencil case! I love everything you make :). The painting is soo soo cute. I love that you trade things, what a perfect way to share handmade!

  5. The image actually stunning is charming! both picture lovely and stylish image. In second picture pencil pouch is looking beautiful. Thanks for sharing your informative ideas with us. I will try to make it.


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