Friday, May 25, 2012

Spiralbound Chevron SODA Planner

I have no time for sewing, crafting or anything pleasant now! Uh.. but about two weeks ago I made (and forgot to show you) a spiralbound planner with a wonderful blue&white chevron pattern and with three separating cards made from beautiful SODAlicious papers! :)
The size is A6 and it has 200 white pages.
Perfect for every bag because it's small, handy and it's cover is quite thick.
Papers which are used for separating cards have wonderful patterns.
Writting machine, boy&girl and camera patterns.. SODAlicious 
I love this chevron fabric.. unfortunately I bought only a fat quarter and now it's almost gone!
If you really like this spiralbound planner you can buy it :)
Just send me an e-mail ( and I'll tell you everything!

Have a nice day everyone! And thank you for your comments on the previous post!


  1. Przepiękny, uwielbiam tą chevronową okładkę i SODowe papiery w środku :)

  2. A do robienia tych dziurek masz jakiś specjalny dziurkacz? ;)

  3. czarna-kocurka - mam bindownice taka, o: :D dziekuje za mase przemilych komentarzy :D


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