Sunday, July 22, 2012

Small Notebooks

 I made some Small Notebooks with fabric covers a while ago and I forgot to show you..
They all have 40 creamy pages size A6, closed by colorful paper clips.
 If someone is interested they are for sale - numbers from 1 - 9!
 Just write an e-mail ( or send a msg on facebook!
 Oh, and I started sewing something really really big! Can't wait to finish it and show it here!
 I really hope this big project will come out as I want it to.. it's my first that big something! ;p
 Forgot to mention - these small notebooks are perfect for a purse address&phone book!
I carry one like this always in my car 'just in case'! :)

Have a wonderful week,


2malina2 said...

Jak zawsze śliczne:D
Ten zielony w białe kropki <3

Musta said...

Cudne! Absolutnie przeurocze :D

elpimpi said...

PRZECUDNE! Mam taki notesik zawsze w torebce - bardzo przydatny! ♥

symtuastic said...

Aww, ten z liskami uroczy :3

Lejdi said...

oj, mniam, mniam, mniam. ale śliczne. najlepiej razem wyglądają :)

Gucia said...

they are all beautiful!!

ANKO said...

Cudne, świetny wybór tkanin :)

made by me yesterday said...

jabłuszkowy i liskowy mój ulubiony!

sonia jewak said...

piękne rzeczy!

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