Saturday, August 06, 2011

weekend trip

Last weekend was my A.'s first days of holidays so we decided to visit Zakopane, just for 3 days :) We had our transport from Cracow.. we were so happy when we arrived there! The weather was wonderful! Sun, blue sky and it was warm! But.. when we arrived in Zakopane.. only 110km from Cracow.. the weather was awful.. It was raining all the time.. every day.. we had maybe 1 dry hour.. Fogs were horrible.. and they didn't even disappeare for a moment!
 Here we are riding down from a small hill called Gubałówka. We loved the chairlift! But the view wasn't as we wanted it to be..
Look down, here is a photo I found in the internet showing the view from the place we were.. But instead this beautiful view..
We saw this.. It really wasn't satisfactory! And it was so cold!
 Even though the weather was awful and we didn't visit a lot of natural atractions there.. we were happy because we were there together! It might sound stupid.. but it's true :) It was the only reason we had a good time!
 When we were walking back to Zakopane from this chairlift we found few poppys! These flowers are really beautiful..
 Look it's the beginning of August and I'm dressed like it was October! ;o I hate it!  I want to wear dresses and comfortable t-shirts! But neverming..
On Sunday morning we went to the bus station to check our buses.. and we found a wonderful sculpture which was built for all the men who fought for our freedom during the Second World War.. It is a really beautiful.. patriotic and it took our breath away..
'Don't let the fallen die'

SHORT: It was a very nice trip except the weather which didn't let us visit every attraction we wanted to see. But we had a really good time just walking around Krupówki together.. :) We will come back there for sure some day!

P.S. Oh and I bought a beautiful flowery (and enormous) bag! :D
P.S.2. Sorry for not really good photos from our trip.. but the rain could damage the camera :(


  1. Great to have a short trip to recharge back :)

  2. Hi! I´ve been readings your blog for a while now, and I just want you to know that I enjoy it very much (:
    I love all the things you creat (and the color of your hair)

    P.s. (and the flowers on your picture! :p )

    Have a nice Sunday!

    Carmila Ponycat ( )


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