Tuesday, August 16, 2011

new logo and an easy way to keep your stripes tidy!

Few weeks ago I started reading a book about handmade businesses and one of the important things about the appearence was that every shop/blog should have a logo! I liked the idea, and immediately I knew what my logo should have.. a spool with thread, a needle and it should be round! Well, today (at last!) I decided to put myself together and start making it. 

And here is how it looks like!
 I made a white and a black version. And I really like it! I'm glad it looks like I imagined it! Now question for you guys: Do you think it fits me and my blog? Do you like this simple form of a logo?

 In the photos below you can see how it looks like on photos :)


And now the second thing I wanted to write about today :) Something about my mess. Tyll today morning I had a big mess in my ribbons, tapes and leather stripes. I have to admit I hated having a mess there, because I never knew what I really had there o.O
So I decided to change it today.. I had no idea how, because I don't have any wooden spools etc. But suddenly I reminded myself that I have a lot of  wooden clips! I started to wrap every string on a wooden clip and here is how my mess looks right now!
 I love it! Stripes which I used the most often are on the top of the vintage metal tin, and the rest of the wooden clips with ribbons etc. are inside. It doesn't look messy at all! Yay! Simple way of making your mess a bit less messy! Maybe some of you will share this idea :)
 Oh and something about htreads - I have a lot of colorful thread but I don't really use them so they are always hidden in a plastic box. But I also have a little metal tin with threads which I use all the time:
It isn't anything special but It doesn't look bad.. But below.. on the image below you can see something what I'm dreaming about! A beautiful vintage hanger for a lot of threads! Beautiful and super organised - perfect!
Maybe I will find it some day at a flea market :)

P.S. On Sunday we came back from Międzyzdroje.. It was fun and romantic but the weather was awful! But more about it later, I'm planning to make a post about it :)



  1. i love the logo! i think it really looks professional and suits you!

  2. super logo, pomysł na wstążki bombowy! aha,i ja chcę taki stojak na nici:P

  3. świetny pomysł z tym logo! chyba pomyślę nad swoim :)

  4. Hi!

    I really like your logo, the logo of my shop also has a needle but with a ball of yarn instead of thread, so i really love your idea(;

    I think you could make one in a horizontal shape, for your banner maybe?

    but the round one looks great in photos!

    And what a great idea for organizing the ribbons! im definitly going to try it out!

    Hope you re having an awesome week full of new ideas and banana pie(;

    Carmila Ponycat

  5. Hi! (again:p)

    Thank you so much for stopping by! it really made me happy(:
    Im so glad you like my work, I so love yours! maybe we could do a swap sometime:p

    (im serious about the banana pie!, try it if you can(;)

    Carmila Ponycat

  6. Oh! I think that a swap is a very good idea! But not now, because I have a lot of sewing plans actually, and one swap right now! But for sure we will make one in the future! Maybe in September??

  7. Hi!
    Do you like sewing?
    It is a colorful thread and ribbon.
    So cute! love your blog!

    I'm following you now, I hope you follow me too! xx

  8. I love the logo.. and what a great idea for storing ribbon and threads.... I may have to try it!

  9. Gratuluję świetnego loga i pomysłowego uporządkowania tasiemek i wstążek:)

  10. Super logo :)
    A pomysł z klamerkami chyba podwędze, bo w moich wstążkach też mega bałagan ;)

  11. i love this post!! I gave a lot of pegs away, I am so stupid.. I have lots of long scraps. Baskets full infact!


Thank you for your comment! <3


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