Monday, August 08, 2011

Guest post: Kaelah from Little Chief Honeybee

I'm out of town actually, so I figured I might ask one of my favourite bloggers to have a guest post here! I really love Kaelah's blog and I'm sure you will love it too, just click here! But first, please read this lovely and fresh post from her.. and enjoy!
Hey y'all! Kaelah here from Little Chief Honeybee and run a little shoppe called Hive+Honey! The lovely Marysza asked me to blog sit while she was out and about so I thought I'd take the chance to share with you some of the things I'm looking forward to this Autumn! Wherever you are in the world, simply know that here in Nashville, Tennessee it's a daily battle of 100 degree temps, 95% humidity, and way too many mosquitos! The only thing getting me through it: my endless stash of popsicles, airconditioning, and knowing that Autumn isn't too terribly far away! Heat is far from my favorite thing so let's get on with things that are a lot more enjoyable!

001. Hot coffee! I can't wait to enjoy hot lattes and coffee drinks once more! Maybe outside on the patio engaging in friendly conversation with someone whose company I truly adore.

002. Tights and scarves! I tend to be a very modest dresser so once I can work tights back into my daily outfit routine then I think I'll be much happier! And scarves, too! Bundled up and chic! 

003. Motorcycle Jackets! They instantly give edge to anything you wear them with. My dainty dresses could use a little spunk! 

004. Bonfires! Bright light, warm heat, smores and the people I love most! Sounds like the perfect night!

005. Autumn Leaves! Crunching through the bright oranges and yellows... autumn is my favorite season of the year! 

006. Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago! I'm packing up my Xterra with my fiance and our friend Elle for the 10 hour drive to Chicago to see my best friend Susannah and to go to Renegade in September! I can't wait. It's going to be lots of fun! 

Thanks for letting me share my list of lovely things with you all! Feel free to stop by the blog and say hello if you'd like! xo
Thank you Kaelah for sharing her favourite things in Autumn!
I hope you liked this post as much as I did!


P.S. Today morning we came back from the Woodstock festival - brilliant again! And also today I'm going with my A. ;* by train at the seaside to Międzyzdroje.. wish me a good weather and a nice suntan! :d

P.S.2. I was bored with my hair so I died a small stripe at the back of my head.. it was supposed to be blue, but actually it looks more like grey? Well, when I will get back I will do it again and hopefully it will be 'lagoon blue'!

Sorry for the bad photo! I am in a hurry today! ;o


  1. Hi!

    I´ve been following your blog for a while and I really enjoy every post and love everything that you make(:
    that guest post was full of pretty things, i love tights too.
    I just started a blog myself with my best friend, hope you could stop by and check it out(;

    Carmila Ponycat (

  2. Wygląda na pastelowy niebieski, ale przy tych ognisto-rudych włosach faktycznie trochę ten kosmyk przypomina siwe włosy ;) Ale fajny pomysł w ogóle.

  3. Bardzo podobają mi się Twoje twory. Swoją drogą pasemko jest dobrym pomysłem, będzie świetnie się odznaczało jak już będzie rzeczywiście niebieskie ;)
    zapraszam czasem do siebie

  4. ło matko, te nogi ach te nogi - cud, miód, malina,
    nie wiem które lepsze :) urocza prowokacja
    pasemko jak najbardziej na tak :)

  5. I´ve been following your blog for a while and I really enjoy every post and love everything that you make(:.. I loved your hot coffee and you hair with a red blond.


Thank you for your comment! <3


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