Saturday, September 17, 2011

Musician's Journal

 A new special order for a special client! Few weeks ago Sigurbjorg asked me if I can make a notebook for her. She showed me a project of what sie would like it to look like.. and about a week ago I started it!
I have to admit it is quite complicated, and I wasm making it quite long! But it as a nice challenge :)
As you can see it's a notebook with a music motive.
It's very big and very thick. A5 - 400 creamy pages! :)
Leather strap for closure.
And a striped interior.
I'm really glad how it came out! And I just can't wait to hear Sigurbjorg's opinion about it when she will receive it (hopefully fast!).
Oh and the background is one of my new fabrics.. I had a lot of expenses lately for products for sewing like: zippers, buttons, threads etc. so little things but so expensive! But I hope it will come back to me when I will sell some of my products.. I have a lot.. really a lot of sewing after Sunday!

I'm actually out of town with my A. we are at the countryside. Comming back tomorrow.
Wish you all a lovely lovely weekend!



  1. beautiful!!! I love the colour

  2. Jest rewelacyjny, uwielbiam motywy muzyczne i turkus!

  3. This is just beautiful- you are so talented!

  4. przepiekne sa Twoje notesy!

  5. Świetne! To powinno być zakazane, robić takie piękne rzeczy!
    Zuza z

  6. jest boski! :D
    to będzie jeden z Twoich wzorów, które darzę szczególnym uwielbieniem :))

  7. super! muzycznie, lubię tak :))

  8. Gorgeous !! Really amaze.
    The book make me want to hug it back.

  9. your journals are amazing - so chunky and gorgeous!!

  10. genialne te Twoje wyroby... a ten jak dla mnie jest zupełnie wyjątkowy :)

  11. wow! I love it - my Mum plays the cello and piano, she would love it too!

  12. Hey! This is Sigurbjörg ^^ I started using the journal at the start of 2012 and I love it so much 8D I've never been as proud of a journal before.


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