Thursday, September 08, 2011

Woodgrain again!

 As a good seller's principle says: 'When an item sells, make it again. When it sells again.. make another one!' I made a new woodgrain pattern notebook! I sold already 3 with this pattern - but of course every one is different from the previous! This one is quite simple - but the notebook itself is very thick!
400 cramy pages size A6! How thick is the journal? - 8cm (approximately 3 1/4')
 It's closed by a black leather strap - 59cm (approximately 23 3/4') long! :)
 And what can I say more.. It's quite a simple pattern with no flowers :o so it can be also a good gift for a man (maybe a poet?) who knows! :)
 Some detailes photos :)
If you like it veeeery veeery much - guess what.. You can buy it haha :D Just hop on to my etsy shop and you will see it there!


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  1. I love your work. Awesome

  2. I just love all your notebooks! so professionally made.

  3. i love the colours in this post.
    it's quite bee-you-tee-ful!

    your blog is all kinds of delightful too.
    merci x

  4. W jaki sposób łączysz strony z okładką? i je wogóle razem?
    próbowałam z Ciebie zgapić, bo ja zapisuję sterty notesów.
    A że z uczelnianych starych zeszytów powyrywałam niezapisane kartki, postanowiłam zszyć je w notes. Jej szalenie trudne i absolutnie nie ten sam efekt co u Ciebie :(.

  5. zdecydowanie dech zapiera. nie tylko ten.


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