Sunday, September 04, 2011

Back to School - Vintage Pencil Case

A while ago I bought a lovely vintage geometrical green fabric.
I just had to sew a pencil case from it! Perfect for my new University year!
It's quite simple - but in my eyes it's just perfect! Adorable!
Small, but the size is perfect for things I use most often!
Do you like simple pencil cases?

I have just baked some hazelnut-nutella cupcakes.. ahh heaven!
Oh and I was out of town for the weekend - I have visited my A.'s countryside again. I love spending time there. Seriously I just love it. But this time there wasn't just nature and us. There was also some paint! But I won't show you my A's graffitis. I will show you just my little thing.. first time holding sprays ever! Wish we had some colorfull cans!

Oh my goosh! It looks awful! But I will make something nicer next time (I hope) haha :D So much fun! But difficult too! I need some colorful cans! :D



  1. dawaj na mejla :)

  2. I love that pencil case! I wish I could do what you do and start from a simple piece of fabric and make something wonderful out of it. You're so creative :)

  3. very cute pencil case - and I love the sound of those cupcakes!

  4. Hmm hmm... w sumie chyba byłby mi potrzebny taki właśnie prosty piórniczek... pomyślę nad tym i może się odezwę bardziej konkretnie ;)

  5. no problemo!! akurat kupilam mase zasówaków! :D


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