Thursday, September 01, 2011

Back to School Edition + Groups + Giveaway vol.2

 Hello there! I was a busy bee on Tuesday! I made few notebooks.. and other stuff.. which I'm going to show you soon :) But first of all.. I would like to show you some stuff I sewed for myself for the beggining of the school year - well, I sewed it a bit early (I'm a student so my school year starts in October) but as I say - when you feel inspired.. DON'T waste it!! 
As you can see I have sewed a little pencil case and a lunch bag.. But I will show you more details of these things later.. this post is all about the new anchor notebook!
 I wanted to do a notebook inspired by my old anchor one a long time ago.. and at last I did it! It's of course smaller and a bit different from the previous one :)
Size is A6 - 400 pages. A thick journal with a thick leather strap for closure. My journals are getting thicker and thicker! This one is 7/8cm deep! The pages are creamy - I have no idea if the photos show good colours - something is wron with my computer and my colours are really really weird (sorry)!
 The anchor has an identic shape to the previous one - I really like the heart on the end of it.
 Like you can see the cover inside is from a red&white striped fabric. One of my favourite fabrics from Ikea - ohh a big shame because they don't produce it any more! :(
It will appear in my etsy shop today evening or maybe tomorrow if someone is interested :)

Now two very important informations for my lovely readers!
First I would love to invite you to my two new groups! One is on Etsy
and the second one is on Flickr! Just click on the links and if you want join our group! if you want to join on flickr you have to send me a message with your profile name so I can add you! To etsy there is no problem - just click 'join'! :)

And the second information is veeery good for you guys! Haha! I'm organising a giveaway at Heart Handmade UK! If you want to join just go over to Claire's blog and check how to participare! What can you win? Well.. my new laptop bag!
You liked it so I hope you will like the chance to win it!

I hope you are having a good day! I have a headache so I'm going for a short rest now.. because later.. cinema! Yay!



  1. o mamuniu ta torba na laptopa jest przesliczna

  2. bardzo lubię tego grubassssa!! :)

  3. Boska torba, cudownie wakacyjny notes z kotwicą, aż korci do małego art-żurnala w nim :D

  4. Hi!

    Wow i LOVE the notebook its perfect i wish i could buy it): maybe some day...
    I really love all the things you make, I already entered the giveaway(:

    Hope you re having an awesome day, crafty lady(;

    Carmila Ponycat

  5. your blog is lovely, hope i win your i just got a new pink laptop for my 40th birthday :)

  6. ale cudna torba:))) ja bardzo bardzo chętnię ją przygarnę:)

  7. o dżizas Marysza nie katuj mnie tym angielskim:p.Zrozumiałam tylko join :p

  8. haiii ... i'm an indonesian & i love ur blog, soo pretty :) ..
    hope i win your giveaway :), amin ..

    greeting, Piena Mustika ..

  9. Hi im aimee new to your blog. i love the ancor book cover its so cool. i would love to win your give away your work is amazing. Your a very talented lady. i love sewing to check out my blog


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