Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dreamer's Journal

Yes.. yes.. i'm still obsessed with clouds! And I have no idea when this obsession will go away haha! I received some beautiful fabrics from my partner Nerina on Tara's Scrap Swap. I was so happy when I saw this beautiful blue linen! The same day I have received it, I created a new journal.
But this time this is a super big journal. 360 creamy pages A5. It's really big. I think that the size is veeeery similar to the one I made for Ann from Moje Zielone Wzgórze.

As you can see.. this one has an innovation! Two pockets on the inside cover! I have no idea why I have made them. I just think, that some people hate carrying a lot off stuff in thei bags.. these pocket will solve the problem. Everything - pencils, cards, business cards etc. will be in one place. With no searching through the whole bag!
Ahh this blue linen looks beautiful, don't you think?
Still can't make good photos - have no idea why! I hope my next notebooks (comming at the end of September) will have better photos!

P.S. I had a very tough evening yesterday.. had some problems home.. Keep your fingers crossed! And wish me luck that everyhing will be ok! Thank you A. for help, and making my mood a lot better! ;*


  1. idealny na rozchmurzenie:)

  2. ach kocham chmurki! świetny jest - a pomysł z tymi kieszonkami wewnątrz - rewelacyjny!

  3. Hi!

    I love it! (as always:p) I really wish I could have one of your journals! I will put it on my wish list, my birthday is coming up and maybe someone will take the hint:p jaja a girl can dream right?

    I hope everything get better(: keep on smilling and making beautiful things!

    Carmila Ponycat

  4. just came across your blog :)

    I love how thick your notebooks are! and of course, I love the clouds! :)


  5. i REALLY love your journals!!!!!!

  6. Notes jest po prostu obłędny!! Chmurki w Twoim wykonaniu są takie mega cudowne, że aż do schrupania, a innowacyjna kieszonka jest genialnym pomysłem! :)

    Mam nadzieję, że domowe zawirowania i burzowe chmurki już ustąpiły miejsca pięknym puchatym obłoczkom... Jeśli jeszcze nie - to jak najmocniej trzymam kciuki, żeby wszystko poukładało się po Twojej myśli.

  7. I love the clouds! and this little pocket inside!! *sigh* i'm in love!


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