Monday, December 26, 2011

A5 planner + good news!

 First about my good news! I have passed my driving licence exam on the 23rd December! You can't believe how happy I am! Unbelieveable! Now it's time to realise my dream about a Mini Cooper! Haha this dream will wait probably about 10 years, but you always should have dreams, right?!

Ok now about the new planner!
It's different - size A5 and it is quite thin but I have to admit it looks adorable with the patchwork red&orange&pink cover! We had a long brainstorm with my client to think out a cover she would like to.. but finally we did it.. And here is how it looks :)
I have to admit it looks better in reality, the weather really isn't good for making photos in my room! It's way too dark in here! The photo below shows the back of the planner.
 I'm not really good in making patchworks, but this one doesn't look that bad! :)
 I really like the effect with the black edging around it.
 I hope my client likes how it looks :)
 There are 4 separating cards from papers bought in here.
 Every card has a simple sign - client's wish :)
I have to admit I really like.. REALLY love how it came out. Something different than usually and it's thin! I always thought that thin notebooks can't look so beautiful! :) Ok I know I'm not modest at all.. but who cares;p

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas time! And of course, don't forget about c r e a t i n g!
Thank you for visiting!


Francesc Balaguer said...

Fantastic job, beatiful shot!!

Happy new year!!!

Salut, Francesc

МамаФиалка said...


kamykowy said...

Gratulacje! ;) A organizer (?) cud miód i orzeszki - jak zawsze ;D Chcę mieć moją prywatną Maryszę, która będzie mi wyczarowywać takie cuda :D

marysza said...

Kamykowa - hahaha :D fajny komentarz :D

Gosia said...

Gratuluje Ci zdania prawka :D.. tak się martwiłaś, a tu proszę, wszystko bezbłędnie :D. A hm.. organizer świetny ;).. Zresztą jak wszystkie Twoje prace ;).. Mam nadzieje, że i Ty miałaś cudowne święta, a przyszły rok przyniesie Ci mnóstwo inspiracji i chęci do działania ;). Pozdrawiam!

Drycha said...

fajnei wyszlo z tym patchworkiem :D

Musta said...

Gratulacje! :) Podziwiam, bo ja się chyba nigdy nie zapiszę na kurs ;)

No i oczywiście uroczy notes!

FairyFiligree said...

Hi I am follower number 405! Love your blog & you are really very talented sewer.

agea said...

fajniutki, kolorystka bardzo optymistyczna:)

Żaneta said...

Czy takie cuda można kupić?

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