Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cloudy Journal no. 4

If you read my blog for about a year you know that I love clouds and I looove making cloudy notebooks. I don't know why, just looking at silly clouds on a turquoise background makes me smile! :) This new notebook is, we can say, a sister of this, this and this one.
This time clouds are white - not gray. Size of the notebook - A6 with 200 creamy pages.
Quite thick as you can see :)
Cover made of turquoise corduroy. It's a quite dark colour, but looks nice.
The interior made of a wonderful light blue fabric.
And of course edges look like from an old book.

If you like it and would like to buy it, it will be in my etsy shop soon. But if you would like to buy it now or just not by etsy, please contact me here:

Ahh I hope everything will be ok now. All problems will disappear.. and some of my stresses will go away.. Too much on my mind lately! Too much!

Thank you for visiting my blog!


  1. cudny!idealny na wakacyjne notatki z głową w chmurach

  2. PRZEŚLICZNY! Ach to bujanie w obłokach... REWELACJA!!! Trzymam kciuki żeby wszystko było po Twojej myśli! :-)

  3. ale świetny:) te chmurki są rewelacyjne!:)

  4. Bardzo ładny :)
    Poczekaj aż spróbujesz czekolady, od razu sie lepiej poczujesz :)

  5. ojj wierze asica wierze :D ze twoja czekolada dziala cuda :D

  6. Uwielbiam!!! Chmurkowe motywy na notesach są najlepsiejsze! :)


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