Friday, December 16, 2011

cookbook vol.2

 Do you remember my first cookbook?
Well.. few people really like it.. it was even shown on Claire's blog! And I got two orders from my school mates to make similar ones for them.. unfortunately I don't have photos of the first one but the second one I finished few days ago you can see below..
Isn't the fabrics from the cover amazing? I have just a little bit of it left..! It's one of the most beautiful flowery fabrics I have ever bought! Wish I had it more.. a lot more!
 As you can see it is very simple.. just a sticked sign 'kitchen' on the front cover.
 Five separating cards for various types of recipes.
 After each one we have 50 pages for your favourite recipes - so 250 pages in total.
 Every card is made of a scrapbooking paper bought here.
I think making cookbooks from ring binders are a really good idea beacuse you ca always add more pages if you don't have enough or if you just want to change something inside.. And well.. it looks a bit more interesting than a simple notebook :)

Sorry for not very good photos.. my camera hates me.. o.O

Have a nice weekend! And don't forget to buy your 
presents for Christmas.. just a week left! :)


  1. prześliczny ten przepiśnik:)))

  2. Thats just beautiful. Will you be putting more like it in your shop?

  3. DresdenFae - I have no idea! Usually I make them just when someone is asking for it, but who knows maybe in January I'll put one in my shop :)

  4. ale piękny! chyba podsunęłaś mi pomysł jak przechowywać przepisy :)

  5. Cudo! Ja bym mogła mieć takie zeszyty na notatki albo na swoje bzdurki :D Uwielbiam wszystko, co wychodzi spod Twoich łap :D

  6. kamykowa - znajoma poprosila zeby zrobila jej wlasnie takie cosik tylko bez napisu kuchnia.. wlasnie zeby sluzylo na notatki :D

  7. ach te wzorki, wzoreczki i kropeczki !! kocham :D

  8. świetny, też bym chciała taki mieć:)

  9. where did you get that paper from? I have been looking for some like that for a blogging journal I am making.


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