Friday, August 3, 2012

Photograph's Journal

 I don't remember when I made a journal with rough edges.. long long break!
It's a really long process but I have to admit.. I missed making them!
I made this one for the girl who won my last giveaway! She wanted something like the previous journal with a camera on the cover.. remember? If not, click here!
 This camera is a bit crooked..but the new owner said she liked it so I'm super happy! :)
 Oh I love staring at these rough edges.. something different.. :)
 If I remember good It has 300 pages and of course size A5! So quite big!
What do you think? Have you also missed old looking journals here on my blog?

Im still a bit sick! It's insane.. I am really rarely sick. Almost never!
Eeeeeh! I hope you all feel great! Have a wonderful day,


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Wow, this is wonderful! Whenever I see novels in the bookstore with rough edges I'm always drawn to them too haha:)

elpimpi said...

CUDOWNY!!! Oczywiście zazdroszczę nowej właścicielce! :-) UWIELBIAM te Twoje 'starociowe' journale/notesy!

symtuastic said...

O tak, możecie mi zazdrościć, jestem jego posiadaczką :P

ach! said...

Szczęściara ;) Postrzępione brzegi wymiatają :) ach!

cannella said...

jest super! a ten aparat na okladce - bomba :)

Anonymous said...

Gdzie kupujesz tkaniny np. w kwiatki, czy paseczki? Są świetne. :)

Trica Jus said...

keren dah,

Monika Sikora said...

Ile takie cudo kosztuje? <3

marysza said...

Monika Sikora - bardzo proszę skontaktuj się ze mną e-mailowo: i jak tylko moja poczta sie naprawi i w koncu bede mogla na nia wejsc to od razu ci odpisze! :))

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