Thursday, August 16, 2012

Spring Notebook

I still have some notebooks and journals which I haven's shown you! This Spring Notebook was created few weeks ago! It's a simple book without separating cards and has simple pages :)
It has 400 pages size A6. Closed by an elastic band + special band for a pen.
 Great for people who like 'fresh' and spring patterns!
 Lovely mustard yellow & white dotty fabric for the interior cover :)
 And as always a photo of the 'bottom' of the notebook.
 Oh! and I wanted to show you some photos from Władysławowo but I decided to show you only two of them.. why? Well.. my blog is a crafty blog - I don't like showing here things from my simple life and writing about what I do during the day (as you probably noticed!).
So for today only my smiling face with a weird pose ;d
And a beautiful photo which Ann took. As you can see the weather wasn't that bad.. but it was to cold to go to the beach.. so as always I am incredibly pale!!

I hope your weather is much better wherever you are!
Have a wondeful day,


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Very fresh and lovely<3 And I hope the weather will get better soon. I really can't complain, it is really summery here, almost too haha;)

Gosia said...

Wygląda super :).. Widać, że dopracowany i staranny :). Świetna robota. Twoje zdjęcie również mi się podoba :D. Włosy eksra kolor :D..

Veronique said...

Masz genialny kolor włosów

elpimpi said...

SUPER notes - jak zawsze! :-) Piękne fotki! :-)

ANKO said...

Znowu piękny notes, tkaniny cudne.

Evelin said...

you are so pretty with your red hair :D

Lejdi said...

wzór notesu oszałamiający. chciałabym kiedyś zobaczyć Twoją kolekcję tkanin, bo to musi być mistyczne przeżycie :)

a fociszek uroczy, rudość wyszła na pierwszy plan :) i właśnie szkoda, że tak mało obrazków :)

kiosc said...

Notes znakomity jak zwykle :) mialam ta przyjemnosc zobaczenia Twoich prac na wlasne oczy i musze przyznac, ze robia ogromne wrazenie. Nic dodac nic ujac, dopracowane, dopieszczone, perfekcyjne i oryginalne.

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