Sunday, May 16, 2010


continuation of the last post. omg i am soooo tired. i'm sewing about 13/14h with short breaks. and heres what i made after that simple tote bag.. (photos are awful cuz i was too tired after finishing it to make some nice photos;p next time;p)

i'm suprised that i i sewed it that good. like you know, i'm just starting to sew! and it's my first bag with a lining! all day tote - all day sewing ;o

the exterior is from black linen, the lining is from fine cotton.. i love the pattern! everything is good.. except one thing.. this bag, because of the fine fabricks.. is too flabby. most of my bags are flabby, but they're shape is different - vertical, and this one is level (?). when you hold it in your hands everything is ok, but when you put it on a table or something it falls and you can se almost everything inside;p

on the last photo you can see a stiffen plastik board. i sewed a cover for it, cuz it goes to the interior of the tote, and it isnt so flabby!! my mom gave me the idea to find something to stiffen the bottom of the bag.. and here it is! ;d

the bag's interior is a little bit different than in Lotta's book, i made two pockets, and one is with a flap on a velcro. maybe i'll take it today with me, but i'm not shure cuz it's raining all the time!!

hope you like it.. please give me your oppinions;p


  1. zajebista, że tak się wyrażę :D

  2. fajna aleee ja chce taka tylko wór ;p


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