Thursday, May 27, 2010

new bag finished

the bag from yesterday's post, i finished it today, and made a bit better photos.. :) here it is!
the exterior (i know that the stitches on the handles are crooked but i used the backstitching.. now i know it was a bad idea :) the circles are from an old bag my boy's mom gave me to destroy;d (in my oppinion - recycle;p) they are very usefull as you can see :)now, the linning! two pockets and a keyring. pockets are perfectly measured for my iPod and my phone;d and the keyring is for.. hmm keys or my lucky teddybear;d i love this material's pattern!
and here the decorative stitch.. let's say it was an experiment! but i like it :)
i like it a lot! i'm not sure if it is resistant (wytrzymały) cuz i sewed is quite quick (quick for my abilities)
isntead the pale blue fabric i'd take (if i had..) a intensive blue, green, purple fabric.. something with an intensive colour!! oh and now, when i'll earn some money i will buy eco leather! and i'll try to make a bag similar to the one i have for about 2 years and i use it all the time!

and here's a photo of little sunflowers we bought today for tomorrow. it's the day when we receive our certificates etc. the official day when we end his school!
why sunflowers? i think that people who read this blog longer than a week know :) (except the point i love those flowers) :)
now i have to get dressed and woke up my body cuz my boys is visiting me today :)
have a nice day!

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  1. jeju jak już dużo wpisów ;P sie zapóźniłam ;D pamiętaj ze też chce taką torebkę! :D


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