Saturday, May 22, 2010

i visited a second-hand near my home on Monday, and i saw a great kinda heavy-weight fabric, perfect for a lining.. but it was too expansive for me (i borrowed so much money from my parents and my boy, and now i'm seriously broke and i need money to give them back.. i can't spend on anything). today.. i went to this second-hand again, i was crossing by.. i came in and the material was there all the time! and it's Friday today, so the shop has super low prices.. and i bought it for like 2.90zl haha;d and i got this extra big thread for free! cuz the lady who was selling knew i liked it, so she said that i can take it cuz it just takes place in the shop! haha now that was a good treasure hunt!
and now the sad part of the day: i just finished watching the final episodes of Grey's Anatomy sixth season.. the last two episodes ever.. and omg i cried for almost 2hours!! i was terrified cuz i thought that Derek will die.. and and everyone will die.. and eventually the main people, people that this serial wouldn't be so superextra great were saved and are alive! haha omg i hate myself because of my big love to Grey's Anatomy.. it's the most inteligent, funny, terryfiing.. etc. serial in the whole wide world! i'm so happy that there was (almost) a happy ending.. if it wouldn't be.. i'll probably couldn't sleep at night! haha;d ahh so happy right now. and omg i want to move out somewhere with my boy.. i think i have to play Lotto games or something.. it's the only way..
my godfather from Poznań arrived.. i'm happy cuz i like him very much but i can't sew! cuz i'm ashame! and i want to sew an apron for my mom or a new bag for myself! can't wait! ;d
hope you have a good day :)

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  1. That fabric is really beautiful!! I can understand that you couldn't resist buying it!


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