Monday, May 31, 2010

fabrics and organise

i bought some new fabrics yesterday :) a black cotton (cuz my black linen is almost gone, and i can't imagine that i can have colorful fabrics without a black one!!), a blue fabric similar to the one i have my curtains of and a white one with nice green flowers (unfortunately it was the last piece, and so i couldn't buy more than 1m) i don't know what i'll sew from them yet, but i couldn't resist buying them!!
and i bought some tins for all my sewing stuff! i had things i use when i sew everywhere in every drawer and in every box.. now, at last i have everything organised in those lovely tins. they are very usefull and they look cute (and they were cheap!!)

and today, when i'll be back from my boy i'l probably think what to sew!

p.s the sun-rain-sun-rain weather is getting really annoying!!



  1. zajebiste te pudeleczka, musisz mi pokazac, gdzie kupilas (o ile naprawde sa tanie;) a ta sówka to co to?

  2. no problem, a ta karteczka z sowka to mini liscik dolaczony do igielnika od kolezanki z kanady;d

  3. hey your tins look great! I recognize that owl!!! hehe

  4. chce takie pudełka. gdzie i za ile kupiłaś. jezu przecież ja kocham blaszaki.... o jaaaaaa. ejjjjj umarłam....


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