Tuesday, May 18, 2010

leather phone covers

today after little shopping (but not for me..) with my friend i started sewing :) my dad wanted a leather cover for his phone.. so i sewed it :) from some pieces my mom found somewhere in the closet.. i sewed two, because.. the first one is too small!! all the time i have no idea how i made it too small!! ;o now i have a break and i'm wondering what could i sew next.. hmm maybe another bag from lotta's book? it's the last bag tutorial in this book.. but i don't think i'll manage to sew it today, and i don't want to have anything to finish tomorrow, cuz after i'll be back from my boy i have to learn for my english oral exam :) and after 20th May.. THE LONGEST SUMMER HOLIDAYS IN MY SCHOOL YEARS!! ;O 4 MONTHS!! ;O

oh and i'm so sorry for people who live on the country side etc. and have problems with the rain.. floods.. here fortunately are just a lot of puddles..


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