Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a little accent of happines :)

ahh i love those flowers, the fragrance is beautiful.. oh and at last i made my handwriting signature on the computer :) yay!

hmm? a photo of me. i did it today. the reason why i took it is probably the fact that tomorrow i have an oral exam of polish and i even don't have a composition for it written. but as always, i'll problaby finish it today about 10p.m and i will panic tomorrow that i won't pass. i know it, and i'm still doing everything except it!! agrr! hate myself for doing every important school things in the last moment!!
and i have a stomach ache.. :(

anyway, please wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed tomorrow, it always helps :)


1 comment:

  1. Biedna Ty ... - dasz rade :)) jak zawsze ;))
    a swoja drogą nie wiem jakm cudem tyle uzyskałam teraz jak tak mysle to moze sie przesłyszałam? nie wiem ;PP mi też to sie dziwne wydaje :PP hehe ;)) powodzenia ;D


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