Thursday, May 20, 2010

after the first oral english exam

i passed the exam quite good, i'm afraid of tomorrow's exam cuz it's an advanced level.. and i really don't remember a lot of stuff!! seriously.. i'm really terrified..
after i got back from school i started translating lotta's book, the chapter with the oven mitt tutorial.. and after i finished that.. i started to do it :) few hours with one break and i have done it! it's a gift for mother's day for my mom, i gave it today cuz she saw me doing it.. just a few days before mothers day :) i realised her's little dream.. she always wanted a oven mitt :) it was a weird experience working with wool batting and doing the spiral! hope you like it :) oh and it's very comfortable!
and what now? i think i'll go to bed cuz i'm seriously really tired..
and keep your fingers crossed tomorrow! and wish me luck! it always helps :)


Thank you for your comment! <3


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