Saturday, February 11, 2012

Small Notebooks from Envelopes

Today I decided to make two A6 journals with paper covers.. As you know, almost every notebook I made is made of fabrics, so it's something quite new to me :)
I was inspired by these moleskine journals.

They are not very complicated as you can see, but I spent a lot of time doing them! :)
 In this one below I used my new washi tape and an image found somewhere on the internet.. unfortunately I don't know the original source of it..
And this one is my favourite! I'm not used to making works like this one, usually when I try they look awful! But I'm really glad how this one looks! :))
 And here you can see my little mess.. and back covers!
As you probably noticed covers are made from recycled envelopes..
I love the colour of this paper! :)

Oh and of course I have no idea what to do with this two notebooks!

Enough of paper work! Now I'm going to sew a little bit..
It was supposedto be such a beautiful weekend with my boyfriend..
and now he is ill! This is just our bad luck! Wish you health ;*

Have a nice Saturday!


Jewel said...

Oh I love the sewing one! It is gorgeous! And such a fantastic idea to reuse envelopes! xx

Dusia said...

fajne fajne, z aparatem boski :)

Justt said...

świetne są! mnie maszyna urzekła :D

anita się nudzi said...

o jakie piękne! ten obrazek z maszyna znam i uwielbiam ,ale ni cholery nie rozumiem napisu pod nim:p

antilight said...

po porstu piekne :) Uwielbim takie szalone klejenia i pełen rozmach :)

Martyna said...


clos said...

śliczne są :) ile bym dała, żeby mieć maszynę i móc takie maluchy robić i raz-dwa przeszywać, żeby były gotowe już za chwilę ;)

FairyFiligree said...

Cute idea! It must have been fun putting it all together!

Kamila said...

Wykorzystaj chorobę swojego chłopca na dalszą produkcję :) Notatniczki są na prawdę śliczne!

Nila Kussriani said...

wow it's sooo cute. awesome :D

Dom said...

I'll tell you what you should do with them, SELL THEM! :) They are awesome. good work Marysza! ;) xx

Katerina said...

To może ja po polsku ;) Piękne cudeńka tworzysz! Te w tym poście są wyjątkowe!
Pozdrawiam, obserwuję i zapraszam do siebie

melitta said...

They look so sweet!
I wish you health too, hope you cured your boyfriend :)

Febby Aurora said...


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