Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kajtek's Journal

What a beautiful day! I can't believe that it's so warm from yesterday!
Few days ago I finished a special notebook for a lovely lady - well more specifically for her son! The task seemed simple - make a planner with his name. But in reality it wasn't that simple! It was really a lot of work to sew this name!
But finally, it looks quite good - doesn't it?
Of course photos don't show real colours.. still have problems with my little camera!
It has 200 pages size A5 and 5 separating cards!
The second one with the lantern is my favourite - what a perfect paper!
I really hope my client will like it when she will receive it :)
Oh and I used this lovely cover fabric for the first time!
Amazing bright fabric for a boy - perfect! :)
I have a rough time lately.. a lot of questions that can't be answered..
well maybe they can.. but every solution has a bad ending in this case.. ahh
I really hope the best solution will fall from the sky;p I'm tired of thinking!

I hope your week was better than mine.. more creative and without any problems :)
Have a nice weekend!


Sarah Narin said...

nice :)

bluelife said...

Beautiful :)

kelimutu said...

it's so pretty. I wish I can sew like you and can make those kinda beautiful notebook.

the cover is sooo pretty and colorful. great job dear! :)


Nindya Karlina said...

like! ('.')d

Tuome said...

świetny ^^

Michelle Clement said...

Oh, this is so cute! :) Great job on his name!!

Siencja said...

No po prostu ekstra!!!!! :)
gdyby nie mój to bym chciała taki! ;)))))

pasiakowa said...

Uaaa! Przefantastyczny!!! :)

tyśka said...

az mi słów zabrakło .. masz niezwykły talent

faith76 said...

Hope eveything turns out more positive for you :) I'm sure the customer will love the notebook. The fabric is so colourful. I like the owl.

Leah x

out of the frame said...

sorry to hear things are tough for you at the moment :( The notebook is beautiful, as always!

antilight said...

wow, te litery są wklęsłe? tzn wycielas napis obsyzlas i podszylas innym kolorem? majstersztyk!

marysza said...

antilight - nieee az tak to nie :D zrobilam tak: mialam ten wzorczasty material, a pod spodem wsadzilam czerwony, obszylam zwyklym sciegiem, wycielam literki i potem obszylam takim gestym sciegiem naokolo kazdej literki:D no ale fakt narobilam sie okropnie przy tym:D

antilight said...

no! Wlasnie o to mi chodzilo! nie dziwie sie, że się urobiłaś, ale warto bylo :) Bardzo fajny efekt.

marmollada said...

łoo ale ładny - niesamowity efekt z tymi literkami :)

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