Tuesday, April 26, 2011

free gifts

well, you don't know that but to every sold notebook, I'm adding a little free gift :) it's always nice to find something you didn't expect in the package, isn't it?

usually I'm adding heart coasters, I ran out of heart coasters, so I made few tissue holders, for a change;d I hope my clients like their free suprises.. :)

here are few photos of new tissue holders :)
a similar one, but white with flowers is waiting for being shipped ;d
and below, a hearty one.. but I couldn't make a good photo..

ohh and here, I sewed a fabric bin for threads and fabric remains, they always lie a-bout the carpet, but now they have a nice place next to my desk;d love the fabric!! it's recycled from an old pillowa-case :)
you can't see it on the photo but the bottom is so.. soooo crooked! i didn't measure good the circle.. ohh my laziness.. and now it looks bad.. but when it is hanging you can't see it.. ;d

i'm baking cupcakes now.. ohh so so hungry!!
have a nice day!



  1. masz talent kobito:)
    i świetne materiały!

    pozdrawiam ciepło

  2. zdolna z ciebie kobietka, materiały w paseczki - fajniutkie:)

  3. Wszystko bardzo ładne - zdolna z Ciebie kobietka :-))

  4. How fun; surprises are the best!

  5. Omg, your stuff is sew cute!!!!!!! Aaah! The notebooks are adorable! I came to yor site by way of freckled nest and will be following from now on!! I like that you used the bows rather than buttons on your pillow cases too! :)

  6. Bardzo pomysłowe i przydatne w każdym domu super.


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