Sunday, April 17, 2011

new favourite dress

 ohhh sun at last!

here are some photos from Saturday's little (silly) 'photo session' haha ;d on the two first photos I'm wearing my new flowery dress, I love it so so much! it's just perfect (lots and lots of flowers)! I bought it at one of my favourite shops.. BSK blue leggings (yes, those are leggings) are also from BSK.. and the striped blue&white fabric bra from Stradivarius

 lunatic with a neckerchief running around the park
 calm lunatic.. short rest..
 and a total lunatic trying to jump into the dirty little lake!
 love my photographer;* i look like a human on those photos thanks to him! but my face still is censured, it's as fotogenic as my bag (look down)

 and a messenger bag which I sewed two weeks ago.. I have to admit it's very unfotogenic! i love it because it has a lot of pockets and it has a perfect size to put my school books etc. but omg how unfotogenic it is!
i have to asure you that it really looks better in relity!
 the interior is made from a white fabric with black pattern (drawings of flowers and birds)
i made this bag from a lovely tutorial, easy and perfect size. thank you


  1. hi! cute outfit post! that first photo with the scarf blowing is awesome. i really like your hair, it is such a pretty colour! great job on the bag too. thanks so much for visiting my blog!

  2. Wouaahhhh beautiful pictures !!! Hugs, KOKO ¨^__^¨

  3. naprawdę świetna kiecka:)
    bardzo mi się podoba.

  4. fajniutka ta torba, chyba też powinnam taką sobie sprawić:)

  5. Hello :) thank you for your comment on my blog - I found your email in my junk mail folder! I've replied to it now. I love your blog - the photos are really great.

  6. your hair is beautiful! <3

  7. super fotki :) zazdroszczę sukienki :)


Thank you for your comment! <3


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