Monday, April 25, 2011

inspiration album

 I'm not a scrapbooker, I don't have talent for this kind of art, but sometimes it's nice to create something colorful from papers.
yesterday I made this album, size A4 (first time I made something this big). it is my inspiration album.. I needed it because every time when I find something interesting on the internet or in magazines I cut it.. and i loose it somewhere in my boxes.. now everything will be in one place :) good solution :)
 papers from here and here -  really good polish shops for scrapbooking maniacs! the photo on the front is from the internet but I don't remember from where.. if you know, please tell me!
 it's quite simple.. oh and the back is in white dots.. lovely paper!!
like I said.. nothing speciall really.. oh and on the first inspiration page you can see books, film etc. which I want to read/watch.. my memory is horrible..  I need to write everything down or else.. I will forget;p

now I have to start sewing a little gift for my partner Rowan from the Crafty Peep Swap :) still dunno what to make! ;o



  1. Oh I forgot! Send me your address... I haven't finished your bracelet yet, but I may need it when I do :)

  2. fajny pomysł, piękne wykonanie:)

  3. I love, i love, i love !!!!!! It's fabulous ^_____^ colorfull :) I love your scrap !

  4. ale fajna inspiratornia :] lubię takie wyklejanki,też zbieram wycinki i wklejam -uwielbiam to

  5. uwielbiam wszelkie notesy inspiracyjne :) sama też jeden prowadzę i przeglądam go kilka razy dziennie ;)


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