Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a little refreshment

in January, my favourite wall looked like this.

but this week, i bought 4 embroidery hoops:

and i finished painting this today morning:
 sides are also painted :)
nothing special really.. just a little simple image, inspired by this notebook and my jorunal page :)
i'm thinking about selling this picture..

and now this wall looks like this:
nothing amazing.. but i love this wall so so much! ;p

and here my second favourite corner
uhh.. it's such a mess! as you can see, i am keeping all my handmade journals in my picnic basket (which was never used as a picnic basket really) this corner is the place where i watch films, stitch pages or.. learn (eek!)

i closed my candy, and today evening after i'll get back from school i'll pick one lucky winner!



  1. fajniutki ten obrazek, można się rozmarzyć:)

  2. Ja strasznie lubie Twój pokój, bo ma swój charakter :) i piękny kolor!


Thank you for your comment! <3


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