Friday, April 15, 2011

love for bows

this season's fashion is just perfect, isn't it? flowers, bows, stripes.. and an explosion of colours.. everything what i love. that's why I started doing this notebook few weeks ago. I decided that I should try to make a notebook with a bow - I adore them. and here it is - I have finished it yesterday.
new kind of closing - fabric stripe with a button
 my first handmade bow;p
 7cm thick. quite a big one. 400 pages as usually :)
 interior from a lovely blue with white flowers fabric.
and.. that's all for today!

p.s. i'll be making a super big notebook in few days.. i just started stitching pages.. it will be a special one for a unique person :) but shhh! :)

p.s.2. last five days to participate in my candy! just wanted to remind you :)



МамаФиалка said...

Очень нежно и красиво! мне очень нравится ваш стиль!

Eseniya said...

Каждый раз восхищаюсь Вашими ноутбуками!!! )) Красота необыкновенная!!!

marysza said...

Спасибо! / Dziękuję bardzo! / Thank you! :):)

luka said...

Gratuluję kokardziołki :)

Юля і Оля said...

Podtrzymuję wszystkich Pań - notesik jest fajniutki, kolor poprostu super!!!

anita się nudzi said...

o na czasie,z kokardą :]

Batzy RockShop said...

Love this!
...I'm a new reader(via blogloving) by the way, love your blog :3


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