Tuesday, April 12, 2011

wood grain.. again :)

 new notebook finished about a week ago
 big closing button!
 size of the notebook as usually A6.. it's thick and pages are hand coloured
 first notebook with this kind of closing;p
 i'm really in love with this fabric (well.. i'm in love with most of my fabrics but shh!), i would love to have a bag or something from it but i don't have enough of it right now..
do you like it?
thank you for your sweet coments in my earlier posts! thank you so much! and i hope i'm not being boring with those notebooks!


  1. taki surowy, a zarazem śliczny wzór i bardzo ciekawe zapięcie, to mi się naprawdę podoba!

  2. That looks so incredible!! I love how chunky it is, how many pages are in there?? =) x

  3. the books you make are so lovely!

  4. awww thank you!

    nikkijoy - there are 400 pages A6! ;D quite a lot;p


Thank you for your comment! <3


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