Friday, May 20, 2011

crafty PEEP swap!

just wanted to show you what I got from the my Crafty PEEP Swap partner Rowan! she has a a blog, which you really should! and look what she made for me..
 a beautiful amigurumi doll! I saw these dolls for the first time thanks to Rowan, and omg I am sooo glad I have one! I really really fell in love with them! I'm going to buy a bunch of them somewhere in the future for my kiddos. seriously!

and get this, she looks like me! she is a redhair and she is holding a lollipop (i love sweets)!
I just had problems with making some good photos, so you have to believe me that it is even more cuter in reality! thank you Rowan!!! Oh, and if you really like this doll, hop to my partner's shop!

and yesterday I was in the cinema on one of those films I was looking forward to watch. it was a spontaneous thing.. few of my friends were going and there was one place left.. sooo nice I could go. I love the cinema, but somehow I couldn't go there for a while..

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (3D)
I loved the effects, scenery, actor's stylizations and the sense of humour. of course the first and the second parts were much better.. but still I really liked it. and I can recommend it for all maniacs of the Pirates of the Caribbean :)

now.. breakfast and learning..


  1. cudna :] nawet podobieństwo zostało uchwycone :*

  2. I really liked the 4th pirates of the caribbean too! Jack Sparrow <3 Movie can not be bad if it has Jack Sparrow in it!
    The plot was not too good tough...or I was just stubid when I did not really understand the point of it.
    But the action parts and effeckts and Jack Sparrow <3

  3. hehe, świetna kobitka:)


Thank you for your comment! <3


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