Sunday, May 15, 2011

a rainy day and a cameo

we had so many plans for today with my A. but the rain destroyed almost everything! one day off school and work and of course it was a rainy ray. uhh
 we have visited the open air flea market today but only for like 40 minutes because it started raining and the stands started to hide.. I bought a bunch of things but I will show you them when I will clean them and make some good photos (sun! come back, please!!)

 for today I can show you this beautiful necklace with a Cameo (it's that, right?) I'm in love with everything with cameo's from while ♥
isn't it beautiful? it's very small and the red colour fits my hair haha;d so happy I have found it and it was cheap! usually when I ran into them they were sooo expensive!

how was your weekend?



  1. Pomijając piątek - weekend udany w 100 % ! :)) haha

  2. Agnieszko, jak i prosiłaś w liściku, odpisujemy się. Wszystko dotarło!!! Dziękujemy!!! Prezenciki spodobały się BARDZO!!! O tym tutaj

    P.S. No i Camea Twoja jest cudna!!!Pozdrowienia!!!

  3. kropki na pazurach! nah nah nah już wiem, co będę robiła przy filmie :)))

  4. my weekend was pretty boring. the rain also ruined my plans to stay outside! i did get some crafting in so that was fun.
    I absolutely LOVE your nails!!! So cute!

  5. Drycha - haha ja zazwyczaj ej robie w trakcie Grey's Anatomy albo How I Met Your Mother hehe;p
    czkema na czerowny lakier jeszcze zebym mogla muchomory zrobic;d

    Barbara - your weekend wasn't that boring because you were crafting! and I'm jelous cuz I didn't have time for crafting! hehe;d

  6. pierwsze na co zwróciłam uwagę to paznokcie :D:D wpadaj na candy :d

  7. piękny wisiorek! mój weekend był paskudny - pełen rzucania się pomiędzy książkami i notatkami...


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