Tuesday, May 24, 2011

elegance & romance

 I have finished this notebook today.. well I really shouldn't be crafting but I just couldn't resist spending my (unexpected) free time on sewing yesterday! Especially now, when I am just learning and thinking about school.. free time is a luxury!

I was thinking about making a notebook like this for a while, but I couldn't find the right fabric. But here it is! A navy-blue fabric with white dots ♥, a lace and a creamy leather strap. I love the colour set! It looks so elegant and romantic.. don't you think?
 I don't know why I am so glad of this one, maybe just because I didn't sew for too long! I really missed it;p hehe
 It was hard to get that creamy leather strap - so happy I found it!
 The interior is made of an old fabric from my grandma's wardrobe!
 Embroidered flowers
Do you like it? I know the photos are bad, and they also don't show the true beauty of this journal. You have to believe in my word that it looks better in reality! It's a bit different style than I usually make, but changes are good.. aren't they? :) I really can't wait the end of my egzams, I have so many little projects in my head!

Thank you all for your lovely comments and visits! I really appreciate it :)



  1. Jest boski. Gdybym nie zaciskała warg, tobym się opluła z żądzy.

  2. jeju, jaki pięęęęękny! Ja to bym najchętniej wykupiła wszystkie Twoje notesy, ale na chwilę obecną nawet na jeden mnie nie stać :D:D

  3. ojj dziekuje wam bardzo, ciesze sie ze sie podoba! zdradze wam sekret, ze planuje zrobic candy tylko ze na razie nie mam czasu pomyslec nad nim dokladniej;p ale plan jest! ;p

  4. Cudowny, po prostu cudowny :)


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