Monday, August 29, 2011

Hey guy!

 Hello! I'm back from my little weekend trip. We have visited my A.'s grandmothers and it was so much fun! Can't wait to visit the countryside again! :) A bit of fresh air.. animals.. forests.. And just A. and me! Ahh love it! :)

But it's not what I wanted to show/tell you. Last week, my A. visited me and sketched me this little drawing, just for fun:
I don't know why, but I was in love with this little fella! I couldn't stop staring at this cute little sketch so I decided.. I will sew it! Haha oh my A. was really suprised when he saw his drawing 'alive'! Hahaha!
 I didn't know really how to sew it.. I didn't know how.. so I sewed it like this.. :)
 Of course it looks a bit weird - when I was filling this fella.. I run out of the filling! So I had to use batting!! I have to admit it made me a bit angry;p
 But I'm glad how it looks like! My A.'s drawing is now alive and is waiting for him hehe :) The photos below is to show you more or less how big it is - 38cm in the highest point :)
 I really started to like making plush things.. They are so funny and look nice when they are put on a shelf or something.. Can't wait to create a new plushie!
 Ohh and look at the details hahaha! Pockets, collar, buttons and wrinkles!
And as usually my question: DO YOU LIKE IT? Well, I hope you do hehe :) Ohh I am in a very good mood today thanks to my A. I love weekends spent with him 

Thank you for reading! And commenting!


Ela Weronika said...

Dziś będąc na spacerze z mym przyszłym mężem (to już za 355 dni!) widzieliśmy takiego pana dziś. I wypchany nawet był podobnie.
Ale twój jest dużo bardziej "uroczy" od tego widzianego ;-).

A co do moich słów na blogu, hmmm...
Jestem wrażliwa na piękno, a to co robisz może się pysznić absolutnym pięknem.

anita się nudzi said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaale czadowy!

alex said...

jesteś genialna! identyczny! :D

The Ponycats said...


I really like it! it turned out great, love the details<3

Hope you have an awesome week(:

Carmila Ponycat

Evelin said...

It's beautiful! I love it! hahaha... so cute! :D

Lyn said...

I thought it was little till I saw the photo of you cuddling him!

Gem said...

This is a great idea, I love him :) xxx

Martyna said...

jesteś niesamowita! fantastyczny jest ten Pan i sama bym go chętnie przytuliła ;)

nickandkatherine said...

He is fantastic. I love your creativity. Sent over from Heart Handmade.

Dżoanna said...

haha genialne! :)

Pasiakowa said...

Czaaaadreskiiii! :))

marathon1981 said...

Hey this is so amazing, making plush is so much fun don't you think!? I like him very much, you should do more of this work! (:

antilight said...

Ahahah :D osomiasty jest boski po prostu! Demmyt :D tez chce :D zdolniacha z Ciebie niesamowita!

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