Friday, January 20, 2012

the 30 day journal challenge part 2

It's time for another 5 prompts from:

Journal Prompt 6:
Write a love letter to YOURSELF! This one is pretty self-explanatory. You are amazing, now tell yourself you are :)

Journal Prompt 7:
Write a love letter to someone special! This letter can be to anyone. Share your love with someone today and let them know that you care :) As bonus, share this letter with the person it's directed too.

Journal Prompt 8:
Time Capsule! If you were to make a time capsule today, that wouldn't be opened for at least another 100 years, what would you put in it?? You can be as outlandish with this as you want because it's pretend. What are some things that make you, you!

Journal Prompt 9:
Completely fill your page with something random.  Leave your pen in your desk today and find beauty in the every day random things around you. 

Journal Prompt 10:
Illustrate your all time favorite song :)
I have to admit these 5 pages are the worst of the whole project.. I don't know why..
The one with the favourite song for e.g. I have no idea which song is my favourite (I have lots of them!). When I eventually picked one I had no clue how to ilustrate it so I just wrote the title o.O

Maybe this is the worst part of this challenge, but the next five prompts are one of my favourites!
I just started my 3 off school weeks.. Can't wait to start sewing!
And I have so many things to create that I have no idea what I will make first!
Beautiful feeling! ;d

P.S. Look what an AMAZING car I found on the internet!!
I want it badly!! Haha ;d

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Ajjj tam, marudzisz. Dajesz rade :) A ilustrowanie piosenki podoba mi sie najbardziej własnie!

  2. szalonaaa, jeśli to są najgorsze strony, to nie mogę sobie nawet wyobrazić tych najlepszych :)

    szczególnie spodobała mi się kapsuła czasu z tymi wszystkimi obrazeczkami przefajnymi oraz właśnie piosenka, na którą najwięcej narzekałaś :) nie wszystko da się zilustrować, a zrobiłaś genialny napis!

  3. No co Ty! Super stronki! Genialna ta kapsuła czasu! Ale Ci zazdroszczę, że tak pięknie rysujesz! :-)


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