Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the 30 day journal challenge

Few months ago Janel from Run With Scrissors created:
But of course I didn't feel like doing it that time.. I was just admiring Jaszmurka's and Antilight's works from this project. They are amazing! And thanks to these two and some new scrapbooking accesories I had a little 'kick' and started this challenge few days ago!

I will show you five prompts in one post.. below.. front cover!

Journal Prompt 1:
Create an introduction page.  This can be an introduction of yourself or of your journal.  This is kind of like the title page for your journal. 

Journal Prompt 2: 
Create 3 to 5 simple, accomplishable goals for your 30 day journal challenge.  What are some things that you hope to accomplish through this adventure?

Journal Prompt 3: 
What are at least 5 things that you want to do in June January?  It's the beginning of the month, and of the summer season.  This list is for things that you either want to do in June or that you MUST do in June.

Journal Prompt 4:
What I Wish I Wore...  I wish I had the money to be super cute and wear all of the clothes that I see in catalogs and online, but I don't :)  Plus, it's summer break so my wardrobe mostly consists of my swimsuit and my cover-up and flip-flops :)  So, today's prompt is all about what you wish you would have worn!!  This prompt gives you the freedom to describe your perfect outfit for today.

Journal Prompt 5: 
What are your summer traditions.  We all have different traditions for each and every season right?  What are some things that you do as a tradition each summer?  If you don't have any traditions, maybe you can create some this summer!!
And? How do you like them? I know they aren't the best.. but I promise that next 5 will be better! My favourite is prompt 11.. but you will see it in the 3rd post!

Oh! I forgot to tell you that I'm a cheater! Yes! Why?
The title is 'the 30 day journal challenge' but I made 14 pages in 2 days!! Well, it's not my fault.. I just had to make them!

I always hated the way I journal, it was always so crappy!
But now, I have to admit I'm proud of these journal pages.. I'm starting to journal in the way I always dreamed! :) 


  1. świetne strony! fajny journal!:)

  2. Kocham Cie wariatko! Yeah :D Świetne, boskie. Kocham twoje liternictwo :)

    " I know they aren't the best.." Na glowe upadałaś :P Sa swietne! Z niecierpliwością przebieram nogami na reszte!


  3. Fajnie to wyglada, ale nie bardzo rozumiem, dlaczego teraz w styczniu robisz plany na czerwiec? Czy to trzeba tak z wyprzedzeniem czy to tylko twoj pomysl?

  4. marysia - aaa wlasnie zapomnialam napisac!!! ze ja sobie zmienilam miesiace;p i zrobilam plany na styczen! :D a w 'prompcie' jest czerwiec bo wtedy ten challenge powstawal;p

    antilight - haha fajnie ze sie podoba :D

  5. jeah!
    Cieszę się, że mam w tym swój mały wkład :*
    Trzymam kciuki żeby udało Ci się wytrwać do koca. Mi się to udało ale z niektórymi tematami miałam problem ;)


  6. jaszmurka - tez z niektorymi mam problem dlatego sa niektore takie brzydkie;p najbardziej 11 mi sie spodobala, ale to pokaze kiedy indziej :D


Thank you for your comment! <3


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