Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Have you heared about Bambaks?
Well if you haven't you really should!

Ola makes wonderful plush creatures, one of a kind of course! Evey single Bambak has it's own character.. they are sooo adorable!
Few weeks ago we organised a little swap together..
and you can't believe how hard it was to pick just one Bambak! I love every single one.. but I picked the Book Lover.. which you can see below.. Isn't he just too cute??
In reality they are even more beautiful, but my photography abilities aren't that good..
If you are looking for a present for a kiddo, or you just love interesting, one of a kind plush creatures click here and visit Ola's shop! Bambaks aren't expensive and I'm sure everyone will love them as soon as they will see them!!

I'm so happy that we have a such talented girl here in Poland..
Thank you Ola again for our wonderful swap and I hope you like your new notebook as much as I love my Book Lover!

Have a nice week guys! I'm going to sew on my lovely new machine all evening!


lukola said...

cudaki są i już :) bombowe

made by me yesterday said...

fajniusie...chyba sobie sprawie jednego....!!!

Magda said...

Super! :)

gulka said...

są cudowne! chciałabym mieć ich stado całe :)

Hearthandmade said...

no but i love them!!!

Jaszmurka said...

Przecudne są! Aż bym chciała mieć całą kolekcję. Jak będzie mnie stać to sobie kupię :D

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