Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bag from Ann

 A loooong while ago, I had a wondeful swap with Ania from Moje Zielone Wzgórze. I wanted to show you what I got, but I had no good photos.. Ann, I am very sorry for making this post so so late!
 Photos are from the day we visited the fun fair (click).
I just don't know what should I write about this bag.. It's the most beautiful bag I have ever seen in my life. Seriously it is just perfect. When I saw it for the first time on Ann's blog I just heared the bag screaming my name! From the day I received it, I wear it at last once a week (believe me, it's a lot for me - I have many bags) It fits to almost every my outfit.
 The size if perfect, the colour, the pattern, the belt, pockets.. just everything! I cand express how thankfull I am for Ann that she wanted to make a swap with me.. and that she wanted to give me her bag..
 I am one of the ladies, who watched Moje Zielone Wzgórze for a long time, and a bag from Ann was one of my dreams.. I think you know what I'm talking about, I'm sure there is a lot of you who would kill for her creations hehe! :)
She made a similar bag, as beautiful as the flowery one. You can see it on the image below, I just can't believe that noone bought it yet. I can asure you that quality of Ann's products is super high. I really recommend everything she makes!
If you like my bag, go here and buy the navy one!


marathon1981 said...

A very nice bag and a very nice day it looks like!
I just read your lovely guest post about your room, it looks so cozy and special! I recognize a few little things hehe!
I hope you are well!

czarna-kocurka said...

Hm, wpadła mi w oko już podczas czytania poprzedniego posta! ;) Bardzo dziewczęca :)

Ксюня said...

очень миленькие сумочки!!! :-)

mnikaa said...

Świetna sukienka ;)
No i torebka oczywiście ;)
Pozdrawiam + zapraszam do siebie ;)

anies said...

Ooo Katowice:)

Crystal said...

That bag is totally you..adorable,love it!


I am in love with this dress :)

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