Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a charming vanity bag

 From time to time I make a vanity bag for myself because the old one was too long or was just too boring or ugly. This time, I decided to make it a bit more careful. I have to admit I was doing it quite long! ABout and hour or even more. It's tiny but so time-consuming!
 But I really love it! It fits all my important things which I carry with me every day in my purse: lipstick, mirror, pills, pendrive and keys. And I hate when those things just dissappeare somewhere in my bag, that is why from few years I always have a vanity bag with me.
 I found in one of my boxes an old, broken bow headband.. and this is where the bow for it came from! :)
Finally, a vanity bag I really really like! :D

Ohh I forgot to make a photo of the interior! It is in navy blue and white stripes, and it has a special pocket for my pills.. Imagine please :D


  1. Very very cute! I just love the bow. :) I need to get/make one of these as well... I am not quite a purse kind of person but still have things I take with me everywhere. Sea Marie

  2. widzę, że chcesz przeczytać Idiotę - gorąco polecam, poruszająca historia.Czytając tą książkę przeszłam przez wszystkie możliwe z uczuć od smutku, radości ... po złość
    Ps: podoba mi się zestawienie koronka - muszka :)

  3. Prześliczna, taka w moim stylu!I wspaniale współgrałaby z notesem od ciebie :)


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