Friday, July 29, 2011

wedding guest book - special order

About a week ago one lovely lady contacted with me on etsy, and asked if I can make a wedding guest book. I was a bit suprised, I never made a guest book before! But of course I said yes - that was a new challenge! First she wanted big pages - 30x25cm. I never made a 'notebook' so big! Thenk she said she wanted the guest book with burgundy and something natural. I thought I will have a problem with the idea of the cover.. but somehow it came to me the minute I opened my notebook, where I draw my projects!
I is a quick drawing/sketching.. I try to do it always before I start to sew  to show the client my idea :) Fortunately my client Margot liked it! So I put myself together and started making it.

And here is the finished product!
 I had a little problem with making photos because this gust book is really big. It's my first book which is that big!
 I really like the idea of these two leafs together with the rings inside.. :)
It has 40 pages with a bit olden edges. The pages are white.
 It was a lot of work, but it was worth it! I am realy happy it looks how it looks :)
Do you like it? I think it is quite good as it is my first wedding guest book! :D


p.s. I am actually in Zakopane! I hope it won't rain all weekend!!! I will be back on Monday, so I will write back on every message then :) Are you going somewhere for this weekend?


  1. ciekawe połączenie kolorystyczne

  2. Misterna robota! Okładka wyszła idealnie :)

  3. jes, aj lajk it ;D nietypowa pamiątka :)

  4. kurczaki! maryszko domek i torba na laptop podbiły moje serce ! pozdrawiam serdecznie zapyziała zielona szpilka.

  5. Ale mi się podoba ten projekt w szkicowniku!! :))

    Sama księga wyszła obłędnie - klientka chyba była wniebowzięta :)


Thank you for your comment! <3


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