Saturday, July 16, 2011

another special order

 Another special order for one of my blog friends! Few weeks ago I created this notebook. Curiously was in love with it. I sold it quite fast so she asked me to make another one, which looked just the same as the elegance&romance notebook :) And here it is!
 I was happy that I had all materials needed for it left! Uff!
 It is as thick as the previous one :)
 Creamy pages, size A6.
 Creamy leather strap for closure.
 And an embroidered fabric for the interior.
 400 pages.
 Flowers, flowers, flowers!
 Olden pages as usually :)
 And a lace on the front cover :)
I hope she will like it when she will receive it :) As she asked, it looks just identic like the previous one! :) I really enjoyed making a copy, it's not that easy to make it.. I usually don't know how thick a notebook will be.. So happy I managed! :)



Thank you for your comment! <3


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