Monday, July 18, 2011

guest post at Crafted Love

A week ago I had a guest post at Crafted Love! A wonderful blog which is written by Allison! I just wanted to show you what I have wrote about sooo.. I have copied that post here :) every word like at Allison's blog :)


Hello! My name is Agnes, but in our enormous blog word I'm known as Marysza :) from this blog or this shop.
When Allison asked me if I could make a guest post I was really in a deep shock! I was just a reader of her blog so I didn't think she would really notice me :) But I'm very thankful for this gesture!

Of course, I had no idea what could I wirte about.. Eventually I thought I could show you my room.. It's nothing special really, most things are handmade or really really cheap hehe :) The worst thing about my room is that it has to be a craft room, a bedroom, a study and a living room in the same time. It is hard if your room has only 3x4 metres.
I would like to show you few photos :)
 I have 'separated' my room by two shelfs..
  When you come in my room, first thing you see is my enourmous, soft chair with lots of pillows. It is a perfect place for reading books or studying, especially during winter when I drink my hot Yerba Mate on this little table next to the chair.. :)
 I love pictures, photos, paintings etc. so as you will see they are on every wall in my room :) Below you can see some photos, my painting, marathon1981 painting and two embroidery hoops with colorful fabrics :)
On this wall you can see four A4 paintings on canvas which I made about 4-2 years ago.. My photo selfportrait and one of my favourite painter Egon Schiele's 'Seated woman with bent knee'
 On the top of one of the shelfs there is a big canvas inspiration board. I destroyed my old painting 70x100cm and nailed a fabric to the frame :) An easy way of making a cute board to your room! :)
On the right, there is a painting of an unknown author.. I found it in the garbage of my art school when I was cleaning the class after my classes.. Isn't it beautiful? I can't believe someone just threw it out!
 Oh, and here one of my most favourite things in the room (except my sewing machine of course!). Two typewriters! I love their colours and the way you write on them.. it is so loud but so pleasant and fun!
 And the wall which I finished remaking today.. It consists of a little gallery of my old photos, two inspiration boards, chest of drawers with cosmetics and jewellery on top and my big desk with a little mess :) 
This little gallery is a very simple and interesting way to fill a blank space on your wall. Just hammer two pegs, find a quite still wire and paint your wooden clips in different colours.. isn't it like super easy?
 Ohhh and of course! There is a special place under my desk, for a wicker suitcase.. which is a space only for my handmade notebooks..
 Thank you for a chance to show myself (eeek.. my room exactly!) here :) I hope you will like this little post and come visit my blog to see some of my sewing, scrapbooking, photography, calligraphy and drawing :)

Have super nice holidays! And don't forget to post about them! :)
Hugs for all blogaholics!




I hope it was a good idea to write about my room.. which I have never showed before here :) Do you like it?

ps. look here! there is a wonderful, colorful giveaway!


  1. wooow, cudny masz pokoik, taki prawdziwie handmade! :D boooski

  2. Piękny pokoik. Strasznie mi się podoba, jest bardzo klimatyczny.

  3. Your inspiration board is awesome !!
    KOKO ^^

  4. great to see your room! I love all the inspiring things you have! I share my room with my boyfriend so its mostly pretty boring... but I do have purple walls too! :)

  5. Rewelacyjny pokój, mogłabym siedzieć w takim miejscu godzinami! Zawsze chciałam tak mieszkać, ale musiałam pójść na kompromis... Jak kiedyś mój mąż wyjedzie na dłużej, to przemaluję nasz dom pod jego nieobecność :D


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